NeuroCore Isn’t Just for Ahtletes

This is a lot like muscle memory. Muscle memory is the process our brains go through when they learn repetitive actions. Athletes experience muscle memory: quarterbacks instinctively throw away a ball before tackle, basketball players can have perfect form without conscientiously moving into position, and everyone has heard the phrase, “it’s like riding a bike.” These are examples of muscle memory.

Neurocore promises to provide treatment that can lessen the symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Neurocore offers an innovative therapeutic technique that involves a patient examining their brain activity while watching a movie. As the movie progress, the patient will notice that the movie is changing based on their brain waves. The idea is to intuitively have people control the movie with their brains. Neurocore claims that this process can put a person in control of their brain, allowing them to control their problems. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Professional athletes are aware of muscle memory, and some professional teams are even doing something about it. The Portland Trailbrazer installed a brain room in their facility after a losing streak. Players now use this room on a normal basis, performing brain exercises as well as physical exercises during practice.


NBA players have an extremely harsh, stressful schedule during the regular season. If a brain performance center can create an improvement in their performance, the treatments can help almost anyone.

Kirk Cousins, who was playing for the Washington Redskins at the time was also struggling with a less than desirable performance.

Both of these examples sought help from Dr. Tim Royer and his company Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. Dr. Tim Royer believes that treatment like this is the future for treating depression, anxiety, and so much more.

His process has already helped dozens of athletes get back on track making it possible for them to reach peak performance. Read more about Neurocore at

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