Neurocore; A Quick Version of the Company’s History

Neurocore, it almost sounds like the name of a bodybuilding supplement. There very well could be bodybuilding supplements that share the name, but the Neurocore that we are discussing exists to serve their patients with biofeedback from the mind (which serves a variety of practical purposes.)

For years, we’ve possessed EEG technology that allows a medical doctor (or scientist) to see electrical activity in various regions of the brain while it is occurring. Like any applied science, when studying EEG materials, patterns present themselves. This is where the feedback comes in. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore opened it’s doors in 2004 providing this sort of mental biofeedback to clients from all over the world seeking it. The company issues assessments to clients/patients that are data based. They use the assessments to study patterns and develop programs for adults and children to follow. In short, it’s like they listen to what your brain is saying and teach you how to respond to it, communicate with it, and then improve your current situation against whatever issue it is that you required assistance for in the first place. Sounds simple right? Yeah right!

Neurocore has operated for over 14 years. They serve, utilizing 8 branches, two North American states, Michigan and Florida. From a global perspective, they are considered a neuroscience epicenter the world over. This has been the case for the past decade and a half at least.


Artists, athletes, patients suffering from injuries, and patients trying to break a nasty habit are all examples of the types of people that one can see seeking assistance through one of the Brain Performance centers that the company runs. While the future isn’t perfectly clear for the firm, growth doesn’t come hard when you’re so renowned for a specialty. Many people thought that neurofeedback, or biofeedback in general, went out the door for good during the early 20th century. This Miami company has certainly proven that this is not the case at all.

Results can certainly vary since not every personality type is susceptible to a biofeedback plan. To follow one correctly requires an incredible amount of patience and concentration. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

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