Nahziah Carter Decides Against IU

During the 2016-17 NCAA men’s basketball season, the Indiana Hoosiers were one of the more disappointing teams. After finishing strong the prior year and making a run in the NCAA tournament, the Hoosiers finished with a record of 18 and 16, including 7 and 11 in the Big Ten. This ultimately was good for 9th place in the conference, which was not enough to qualify for postseason play.


To make matters worst, the team also is losing several players to either graduation of the NBA Draft. In order to develop the team and grow for the future, the Hoosiers need to be able to recruit. While the team has made some progress this year in recruiting, it appears that they will lose at least one of their key targets for their 2018 draft class. After a tough recruiting process, the Hoosiers ended up losing Nahziah Carter to the University of Washington (


Nahziah Carter was one of the higher rated targets for the Hoosier’s draft class. He was considered a three-star player, but had a playing style that would make him fit will in the team’s rotation in a couple of years. Nahziah Carter was also highly sought after by a number of other schools as well. He originally signed to play with the University of Dayton, but opted to rescind his commitment after he started receiving more interest from the more major programs.


While Nahziah Carter has opted to go to the University of Washington, the Hoosiers still have plenty of other recruits to look forward to. The Hoosiers are considered to have one of the top 25 recruiting classes for the next two years and also one of the top three in the conference. The Hoosiers also had several freshman and sophomores last season that made a big impact on the team. While they have lost some talent, there should be enough depth to allow the team to make a run in the coming year.


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