Mother Blows Trust Fund Money

In a story that has resurfaced from several months ago, Shanesha Taylor is back in the news. Her story was covered back in March when she made headlines for leaving her two young kids in a locked car while she interviewed for a job for forty-five minutes. She ended up getting arrested for the incident, while a teary eyed photo of the woman surfaced in the media. Due to sympathy and compassion for her, most likely due to the remorseful way she appeared in her mug shot, a total of 114 thousand dollars was donated to her.
Taylor managed to strike up a great deal with prosecutors that would allow her to go free of jail time as long as she agreed to attend drug classes and set up a trust fund with a portion of the money she received. Despite only being required to put up 40 thousand dollars for the trust fund, she spent the entire amount on designer clothes. That was simply absurd according to Marc Sparks. She even reportedly spent six thousand dollars in studio time for the father of her children’s rap career.  Rather than having to go to jail for severely endangering her children’s lives, she was given an opportunity to avoid all punishment and also do a great deal of good for her kid’s future.

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  • Isaac Newton says:

    Rather she was childish and spend the cash without anyone else individual premiums. It shows up as though she has been compensated at last for the disregard she perpetrated upon her kids. It is absolutely necessary for to do everything within their power to ensure that she is properly dealt with.

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