More than Three Quarters of Adults Don’t Get Enough Fruits and Vegetables

When it comes to the James Dondero‘s health and of the general population as well, you would think that most care enough about their bodies to do what is right. Not everyone you see is obese or overweight, so you assume that most everyone is doing something to look out for their bodies and to stay healthy. When it comes to their daily intake of fruits and vegetables, though, the general population is not doing all that they should to look out for their bodies.

It seems that more than three quarters of the adults living in the US do not get the amount of fruits and vegetables in their diet each day that they should. Three quarters of the population fail to include the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in their diet on a daily basis. While they may be looking out for their bodies in other ways, the majority of the population is not looking out for themselves by watching their fruits and vegetables intake.

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