Mike Pence’s Indianapolis Visit Brings Heavy Cost To City Taxpayers

An unexpected trip to the city of Indianapolis by United States Vice-President Mike Pence resulted in a heavy bill being written for taxpayers. Figures released to the IndyStar in response to a request shows that the Metro Police Department in Indianapolis had expenses of $26,000 to accommodate the vice-president. This amount is only the expenses that have been claimed by IMPD and does not take into account monies spend from the federal budget.


The original plans were for Spence to make an appearance at an event hosted by a political group backing President Donald Trump in the city of Carmel. The event was to be a show of support for the president’s efforts to execute the tax overhaul. But just two days before the event, officials for the city of Indianapolis learned that Pence would be changing plans and instead would attend an event taking place in Indianapolis by a company known as Infosys. The company, which is based in India, was alerting the public of plans to construct a campus at a former airport terminal in the city of Indianapolis at a cost of $245 million.


Pence, along with Alexander Acosta, United States Labor Secretary, attended the event put on by Infosys and the event to celebrate the president’s tax overhaul was postponed until May 18.


For the event, Pence was provided private escorts along with traffic control and teams readied for tactical response. This included SWAT team personnel that was prepared to support the efforts of secret service officers.

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