Michel Terpins: The Future Of Brazilian Rally Driving

Brazil is known as one of the most sport-loving countries in the world. In addition to soccer, the South American nation is known to have vibrant participation in a raft of sports, including motorsports. For an athlete to make it in such a competitive country, one has to be truly extraordinary – as is the case with Michel Terpins. Now aged 40, Terpins has in the last few years grown to become one of the best performing rally drivers in Brazil. Going forward, many in the industry see Michel Terpins as being one of the drivers to set the pace in the Brazilian motorsport industry.

Much of Michel Terpins’ rally success has come during the highly acclaimed annual Bull Sertoes Rally. He first participated in the rally in 2002 albeit in the motorcycle category. While he was quite a skilled motorcycle rider, he soon after decided to change tact and start racing as a car driver. He has since gone on to master the T1 prototype category, in which he has raced in the last few editions of the Bull Sertoes Rally. His dominance of the category in recent years has greatly been helped by the customized T-Rex that he drives. The burly car was developed by MEM Motorsport and offers Michel Terpins the perfect combination of speed, durability, and power.

As with any other successful rally driver, Michel Terpins owes a great deal of appreciation to his co-driver, Maykel Justo. The experienced navigator has been working with Terpins for the last two Bull Sertoes rallies, which by no coincidence also happen to be the best editions for Terpins. Many commentators attributed Michel Terpins’ win in the 2017 edition of the Bull Sertoes Rally to the smooth run over the dreaded marathon section. Making through this section requires top-notch navigational nous, not just driving skills.

Michel Terpins shares his strong passion for racing with his elder brother, Rodrigo Terpins. Also a rally driver himself, Rodrigo Terpins has taken part in a few editions of the Bull Sertoes Rally. The two race under a collective known as the Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

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