Michel Terpins Carving a Niche in Brazillian Racing History

Michel Terpins is a native Brazilian who is one of the top rally car drivers in South America. Born and raised in San Paulo, Brazil, Terpins has raced in competitively rallies in Brazil since 2002. His need for off-road speed began on the motorcycle as a youngster and he first competed in the motorcycle division of the Since 2002, Michel has teamed up with his co-driver, Maykel Justo to win numerous races and awards, making a podium finish a near given in every race they enter. The duo has quickly become on of the most well-known rally duos in South America.

Together, Michel and Maykel have won a number of prototype T1 races as member of the prestigious Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Michel is the pilot on his team and has become one of the best pilots in Brazilian Rally Racing, constantly improving on his craft. In 2015, Terpins and his T-Rex was the runner-up of the Cross Country Rally, an achievement that took him over a decade to achieve. The duo is poised to compete for the podium at the 25th Sertoes Rally, as they have improved each year they have competed, finished in the fifth position at the 24th Sertoes Rally.

Michel Terpins passion for racing has consumed his entire adult life, constantly learning and improving the technical nature of rally-style racing. With his T-Rex, Michel has won numerous stages, earning a spot in the Brazilian Championship of Cross Country Rally. Michel Terpins’ racing career has spanned over 15 years and he sees himself racing rally cars for the foreseeable future. Along with his brother, Maykel, they are poised to become all-time racing greats before their careers are over. Michel lives and breathes the sport that has made him one of the best known sports figures in Brazil and all of South America.

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