Michael Burwell’s New Role At Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell, a well-known manager, also once served as GM of Redwood Mortgage Cooperation since 1979 and became its principal accounting officer since 1986. He has been the secretary and treasurer of A&B Financial Services Inc. since 1980. Burwell also has been in the records for serving as Principal Executive Officer of Gymno Cooperations since 1986. Generally, the financial expert has worked for more than 10 well-known companies in the United States market.


Willis Towers Watson is an internationally known company that offers business advisory, business solutions and broking. The company made a significant announcement on August 21, 2017, that its Chief Financial Officer, Millay Roger, would leave the company and give the position to Michael Burwell. Mr. Millay was scheduled to retire on October 2, 2017.


While explaining about the move taken by the company, Haley John noted that the company was privileged to have an iconic leader like Michael Burwell. Halley added that the change was also crucial for the company to evolve in other directions. John expressed his confidence in Burwell by saying that he is a great manager, team leader, and understands the best ways of driving results.


Halley said that Michael Burwell’s qualifications are best suited to lead the company. John Halley also noted that Burwell is an expert in finance and transformation of companies. Halley also said that he likes the way Michael has handled business transactions previously. He did not hesitate to say that under the leadership of Michael, Willis Towers Watson was set to achieve its long-term goals. View Related Info Here.


Michael Burwell was thankful to Roger for all the achievements he made at Willis Towers Watson. Mike said that Roger did a commendable job at the company thus leaving it in safe hands. Burwell said that he was confident that he would maintain the excellent position of the company and lead to more improvements. Michael was quite excited about his new role at Willis Towers Watson. While delivering his speech, Michael said that he was pleased to become part of a firm that has strong leadership team and staff that is committed to providing quality services to clients. Burwell noted that the inclusive culture of the company is something that he values a lot. Michael expressed his readiness to take the role and willingness to transform the company.


Willis Towers Watson is a company that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to take risks and turn them into successful businesses. The company has gained the trust of clients since it started operating in 1828. The company is made up of approximately 40, 000 employees who are distributed in 140 countries. Willis Towers Solutions understands the best way to optimize benefits, protect firms, and cultivate talent. The company aims at unlocking the potential of investors from all across the world. Burwell’s valuation and diligence will help him run operations in the company efficiently.


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