MB2 Dental Solutions Relieves the Ache of Management Services for Dentists

MB2 Dental Solutions is a dentistry practice support organization that has a membership of over 87 dental-owned practices. The company is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas. MB2 Dental Solutions offers distinct types of resources to locally owned dental practices so that their owners can focus more on providing better patient care.

The onerous business side of owning a dental practice can take up a great deal of time and money instead of placing more efforts in client care. MB2 Dental Solutions provides billing, collections, credentialing, marketing, recruiting, human resources, compliance, IT staffing and many other administrative management services for their dental company clients.

MB2 Dental Solutions believes that dentists can help each other by working together to accomplish more than they can by working individually in their dental practices. MB2 Dental Solutions offers an innovative progressive and autonomous perspective on dental management and development practices that helps to change the lives of their patients and the doctors for the better.

As a unique concept in dentistry, MB2 Dental Solutions is a company of dentists working for and with operating dental practices. The MB2 mission is to offer customized systems, guidance, and expertise in handling dental practice non-clinical management services. The MB2 firm takes care of the business side of any dental practice so that local dentists can continue to grow their business by focusing more on state-of-the-art patient care.

MB2 through their integrity practices, innovative teamwork, and work excellence helps dental practices in complete anonymity. They have over 80 affiliated locations in 6 states (New Mexico, Alaska, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee). MB2 Dental Solutions was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva in 2007 who saw a need for individual and group practices to concentrate both on clients and the business side of their dentistry practices and to keep them profitable.

MB2 helps dental practices improve their operating standards that fosters happier professionals and a more natural business growth. MB2 Dental Solutions, their experienced staff, and unique trends and practice standards helps existing dental practices overcome any legal, payroll, etc. challenges that they may have to face and to place their skills solely on their clients. New technology-advanced dental practices are able to enjoy the freedom from much of their management services handled by MB2 and to concentrate more on their speed to market goals.

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  • Alayah Nathan says:

    I believe most dental practitioners would be very pleased with the services that MB2 offers to them, giving them the leverage to manage the treatment of their patients alone. bestessays reviews happens to shpw us more about the services that they offer to their clients and I think it offers stability. For them to leave the business of management and other logistics in their hand is good for the practice.

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