Max Salk: A Successful Photographer And Finance Executive

Becoming an investment analyst is not easy. Max Salk has been in this complex career for years. The businessman, who graduated with his degree in finance from the popular University of Illinois several years ago, has practiced in many organizations. His first working position was given by a company called Morning Star. After serving in the organization for only ten months, the finance executive got an appointment letter to serve at PPM America. After working in this company for three years, the businessman realized that he could perform well in financial markets and trade.

Starting a company

After working in finance for a long time, Max Salk started to diversify in his career life. The businessman ventured into landscape photography, an area that excites him up to date. During one of his trips in the Netherlands more than nine years ago, the executive went out for a walk, and he captured some few shots in the harbors. The foggy morning photographs caught the attention of many people, and this motivated him to always carry a digital camera whenever he was travelling. Max Salk loves travelling, and this gives him the photography scenes he is looking for.

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A normal day in the life of Max Salk

Being in finance and photography has never been easy for the successful businessman. For years, the businessman has been forced to plan his day well in the morning so that he does not neglect his family or any of his projects. After waking up early, Max checks the emails he has to reply before he gets out of his bed. Max doesn’t have to spend a lot of time on the road when travelling to work. This gives him adequate time to have with his family before he rushes to the office.

The team in his office is very important to him. These are the employees who help him to transform his ideas into business, and he treats them in the best way. Before he can start his busy schedules, the businessman speaks to them so that he can understand what is happening around them. His day in the office ends very late sometimes.


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