Matthew Vaughn Wants to Make 2 Kick Ass Movies

Fans of Matthew Vaughn most likely remember his Kick Ass movies. The first one was a major hit with the second one being a disappointment. Matthew Vaughn has expressed interest in making not one, but two more Kick Ass movies. The first one is a Hit Girl Prequel. The second one is an actual Kick Ass 3.

Given these plans, it is not that likely that Matthew Vaughn is going to return to direct those features due to him being busy with many projects, one of them being a Flash Gordon reboot. Due to the disappointment of the sequel, it is not likely that the two Kick Ass movies are going to get the green light. One thing to consider is that Matthew Vaughn didn’t direct the second one but merely stayed on as producer.

Chloe Grace Moretz herself has stated that Kick Ass 3 is pretty much dead in the water. It is very likely by the time Kick Ass 3 gets off the ground that everyone will be way too old to reprise their roles. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is hoping something materializes sooner rather than later. He’ll be monitoring the NY Post and other news outlets.

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