Massive Surprise Pizza Tip at Indiana Wesleyan Chapel

Keith Newman this October 9th gave his chapel students at Indiana Wesleyan University a sermon illustration they will remember for a long time. This was a costly illustration indeed- a $1,260 offering that both students and speaker contributed to and a $70 value in gift cards.

Pizza delivery man James Gilpin was certainly not expecting to get that kind of monumental tip when he brought in the two Dominos pizzas worth $12.50 to the chapel house. Perhaps he suspected something was up when he was led up front stage upon entering the chapel doors, but he hardly have imagined what he would receive in that “less-than-routine” chapel service.

The incident reminds one of the famous $1,000 tip Waffle House waitress Shaina Brown received back in June. The Waffle house policy required her to return it due to concern it was a mistake, but the businessman Brian Torchin then sent her a personal check to replace it. This new big tip at the Wesleyan college chapel, however, adds a religious twist to the story.

The message at chapel was on doing for one what you cannot necessarily do for all- and one can certainly say that the students and teacher “put their money where their mouth was.”

One thought on “Massive Surprise Pizza Tip at Indiana Wesleyan Chapel

  • Isaac says:

    Pizza deliverer Gilpin also received thousands of inspirational notes along with the giant tip, which he says he will use to provide a wonderful Christmas for his two young daughters this year. It cleans up for some service essays to add to what they need all the time.

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