Masked ISIS Militant Identified

Most Americans by now are aware of the masked ISIS who wears all black and spoke in several videos released by ISIS. He speaks with a British accent, as seen in some videos released of him beheading their hostages.

It turns out he was born in Kuwait and grew up in London. Digital Journal reports that he is a 26 year old man named Mohammed Emwaz, but has been referred to as “Jihadi John”. It is believed that he started these radical beliefs after a 2010 trip to Tanzania, he was questioned by British security upon returning from this trip and was added to a list of having connections to Islamic extremist. In 2013 he was reported as a missing person after changing his name and leaving his home.

Now that he has been identified the United States will be working toward capturing this man, as well as others who have been involved in capturing and killing these innocent people.

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