Marc Sparks is an Entrepreneur Who Brings Ideas to Life

Marc Sparks is driven by a keen instinct for business and he has started dozens of companies in his amazing work history as an entrepreneur. He has reached a rare level of success in his career and he goes about his projects today with the same passion and energy that he’s always displayed. One significant difference is he doesn’t have to start a business today from his back bedroom like his early, formative days.

Timber Creek Capital is where he plies his trade these days and they recently relocated their office to a new building. This new location is particularly inspiring as well as being conducive to a collaborative atmosphere. Sparks believes that an atmosphere that helps in producing creativity and innovation is critical to those wishing to craft extraordinary businesses.

The range of resources that Timber Creek Capital can provide budding entrepreneurs is comprehensive and befits someone of Marc Spark’s stature. He owns the private equity firm and with his specialized knowledge, they are having a significant impact on those who bring ideas with legs. He helps them implement a viable business model and also helps them develop a strong corporate culture. They also construct short and long-range goals which provide stepping stones and a measuring stick to check their progress.

The incredible career of Marc Sparks is inspiring to many others who hope to find success in pursuing their dreams. He has given them many insights and anecdotes in his book entitled “They Can’t Eat You” which is an entrepreneur’s guidebook. The title reflects the finality of a zebra having the worst day of its life when it ends up as a predator’s dinner. Humans, on the other hand, can always start over or find a new idea. This book is for those entrepreneurs who are losing hope on the sometimes rocky road of starting a business.

Sparks was convinced that he should write the book by some of his colleagues who knew that his experience would be invaluable to others. He is candid and honest in the book despite some painful reminders of past failures on his journey to success. He considers these accounts to be the most important content in the whole book as they show people how to avoid costly mistakes.

A story from the early days of his career reveals the perseverance of Marc Sparks. He can remember being so poor that he had to buy groceries from a Texaco gas station with his credit card. He recalls that he was still very excited about life and pursuing his dreams as an entrepreneur who brings bold ideas to life.

Another important factor in the success of Sparks is his willingness to lay it all on the line which he has done throughout his career. He’s not sure if it’s ignorance or a gift but he’s never afraid to lose it all and this mindset has paid off big for him. Learn more:


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