Marc Beers Expertise To Push LumeNXT To Greater Heights

LumeNXT, Inc announced that seasoned business leader Marc Beer will be its new Chairman of the Board. The firm specializes in the research and development of exclusive and natively patented surgical illumination products for minimally invasive procedures. Marc will bring with him almost three decades of solid experience and expertise in business development and commercialization in the fields of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and diagnostics with his latest leadership function.


Paul Rhyne, one of the founders of LumeNXT believes that Marc Beer has high levels of success in various startup companies that he has led through various growth stages. Rhyne values Beer’s vast experience in building companies and gearing those companies through international commercial releases and to the road of profitability. Marc Beer is also excited to be working with LumeNXT.


He said that he is proud that he will be working side by side with a team of committed and accomplished experts composed of engineers and surgeons. This is the team who has developed the proprietary product line that brought innovation and advancement in the field of surgical illumination through the company’s very own technology. Marc believes that the advances introduced by LumeNXT are crucial in the safety of the patients and professionals in conduction surgeries.


Marc is in line with the company and its perspective on the crucial role of its technology. He said that with LumeNXT’s technology, more surgeries performed using minimally invasive techniques will be carried out in the future. Surgeons that utilize targeted and guided illumination discovered that the technology helps them improve visualization and precision.


It also helps them to be flexible during the procedure compared to the customary and old school surgical procedures. LumeNXT, through its proprietary technology, provides an advanced illumination platform utilized as a heat-reduction tool to enhance surgical precision, more affordable and disposable alternatives, and safety through improved visualization.


Marc Beer is the founder and chief executive officer of Renovia Incorporated. He established the company with the objective of discovering and developing the first line of digital diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices for women who are suffering from PFD or pelvic floor disorder. Marc also founded and served as the chairman and driving force behind Minerva Neurosciences Inc. the company specializes in the development of a line of product candidates to find a cure for CNS or central nervous system diseases.


The company also conducts several late-stage clinical trials and develops advanced and innovative powerful compounds for various CNS diseases. This includes mood disorders, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, major depressive disorders, and insomnia among others.


Marc Beer also held several leadership roles in the biopharmaceutical industry before Minerva Neurosciences Inc. His leadership was instrumental for the commercial launches responding to rare diseases on a massive and global level, acquisitions, international growth, and IPOs. Learn more:

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