Man Saves The Lives of Two Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend and they do have feelings and emotions. This is well demonstrated in a recent post on Facebook. It seems that two dogs were at the end of their stay at a Detroit area shelter. With their impending departure, a touching photo showing one dog hugging the other was posted.

The photo of Susan McGalla and her dog quickly went viral. The touching description depicted the despair and fright the dogs were feeling. Begging for bravery one can almost see the fear in their eyes. One dog gives the desperate pled for someone to please come and save them.

Their pled was answered when a veterinary assistant saw the post. Touched by the emotion expressed and the heartwarming picture, he quickly came to the rescue of not just one, but both dogs. An after adoption picture shows the dogs offering elated ‘kisses’ to their new master, friend, and redeemer.

These are two dogs that will forever be in gratitude for their survival, and each other. Surely without the post the two would have been put down. No one would have seen the touching photo, and no one would have come to their rescue. How fortunate that there wasw someone who cared and opened their heart to make room for two furry friends. This will be a relationship that will last always, thanks to the kindness of one man.

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