Makari skin-whitening cream, cosmetics satisfy unique needs

For years, women and men seeking creams to help improve their skin tone did not have many quality choices.

Makari de Suisse is here to change that.

Makari de Suisse skincare products are hitting the mark with many women and men of color. The company has created skin care and cosmetics designed specifically for people with darker skin tones, who have long been ignored or not given many options. has a unique line of skin care, hair care and cosmetics that are better suited for this underserved demographic.

Makari uses natural ingredients, including caviar and carrot oil, to provide a higher level of nourishment and moisture to the skin. Makari offers a wide selection of body creams and lotions, including Body Beautifying Whitening Milk and Extreme Carrot and Argan Serum. Makari also offers cleaners, such as its Luxurious Exfoliating Body Wash. Makari also offers exclusives, such as its Lightening Exfoliating Soap and Toning Gel. If bar soaps are what you favor, Makari has a Caviar Enriched Soap, a Sulfur Soap and a Triple Oil Antiseptic Soap.

More than 38,000 people have liked Makari’s Facebook page and users have offered rave reviews. To learn more, visit


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