Lynch on Interviews

According to the this serious NFL groupie that I follow on,  Gianfrancesco Genoso, There was a ton of speculation as there always is when running back Marshawn Lynch is scheduled to give an interview, as he is not the biggest fan of talking to the media. In fact, he has become incredibly well known, and notoriously funny when he does conduct his interviews. Some have described his tactics as childish. Some have described it as comedic, but no one can say that his interviews are not entertaining and no one can say that they are predictable. No one knows what is going to come out of his mouth, if he will answer questions regularly, or if he will even show up to the interview in the first place.

He hasn’t stated a reason that he doesn’t like giving interviews, but he doesn’t want to get fined anymore and has found a loophole. He simply answers each and every question with a short response that he will say every single time, regardless of the questions that are asked of him. It is kind of brilliant in a way. He is technically doing the required interviews by his contract, but he is not giving them any of the information that they are trying to extract from him so they can write their stories and do their broadcasts and spin it whichever way they see fit. He made it clear why he was at the media day event on Tuesday when he repeatedly told everyone that he was only there so he wouldn’t get fined

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