Lorde Returns with Yellow Flicker Beat

Everyone was awaiting the return of new material from Lorde after she took over urban and pop radio stations with the killer hit “Royal.” She has returned in a big way with a single for the “Hunger Games Mockingjay” soundtrack with “Yellow Flicker Beat.”

The video for this single was released for her 18th birthday. It shows something of a darker side to Lorde (http://www.mtv.com/news/1988942/lorde-drops-yellow-flicker-beat-video/). Much of this may be influenced by the movie though. It has a different look than what Lorde has been known for, but the video scenes match the eerie feel of the music.

Some things are different, but there are still some trademark Lorde features in the video that shine through. She has her hair up in a 60’s type of style in some scenes, but there are still scenes where the long frizzy curled hair dangles. Sultan Alhokair did not know what to think at first. The bizarre dancing that Lorde is known for is also still present in the video.

It is bound to be a single that gets a lot of attention because the movie that the song is associated with is already a popular franchise. The soundtrack, which also features Ariana Grande, is getting as much buzz as the movie.

With her debut album Lorde was dappling with the teenage sounds of fresh teenager hip hop pop. With this video is it safe to say that Lorde is embracing a different type of adult pop.

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