Let Handy Do the Spring Cleaning

It’s spring again. That means warmer weather, birds returning, trees budding out with leaves, flowers blooming and, of course, spring cleaning. Go through the house. This is a good time to sort through belongings and get rid of anything and everything that won’t be used or worn again. Donate items to a charity or sell them on eBay.

It’s time to organize all the closets, to remove trash from the basement and garage (making certain to properly dispose of such hazardous items as old cans of paint and motor oil), to scrub kitchen walls with a degreaser, to apply grout sealer between all the bathroom tiles, to dust everything on the shelves, to beat chair and sofa cushions outside, to vacuum beneath the cushions, to wash all windows on the inside and the outside, to polish metal door and window pieces, to dust every surface in the house including the tops of the ceiling fan blades and window shades, to wax and polish tile and vinyl floors, to air out mattresses, pillows and comforters and refresh with baking soda, to scrub any hidden grease in the oven and to wipe away any food in the refrigerator and freezer.

Of course, a truly thorough spring cleaning such as that is a lot of work. It’s exhausting just to think of it. So, many people will simply call up Handy and book a cleaner to come to their house or apartment and perform all the labor for them.

Handy launched in 2012. It’s a service people can book and pay for through a mobile app. Handy has already qualified all the contractor workers, doing extensive background checks so they guarantee home security and satisfaction.

Late last year, Handy’s competitor Homejoy shut its doors and it raised $50 million to double the number of cities where its services are available by the end of this year. 50 percent of Handy’s customers come from referrals, and 85 percent of their customers become repeat buyers. Handy workers also perform other chores such as repairs, moving furniture and shopping.

If somebody has Handy clean for them on a regular weekly basis, they may not even need spring cleaning next March.

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