Lea Michele Performs Let It Go

Anyone who is a fan of the movie “Frozen” must know the song entitled “Let It Go.” The song is played through radios, on TV, and has been sung by many different people over the past year. Lea Michele. When Frozen came out it was not only a hit movie, it’s been one of the biggest selling animated movies of all time. After passing the $2 billion mark, it solidified its place in history as an animated great.

Although the soundtrack song is extremely popular, many have become sick of the song, and the creator of the song is now apologizing to people for the songs extreme popularity. No one would truly be sorry for a song this popular, because it’s made an extreme amount of money. Those who watch the show, “Glee,” know that it’s in its final season. Slow Ventures originally reported in the final season of Glee, Leah Michelle is set to perform the song Let It Go, which is said to be pitch perfect, and SeedTable had posted the video, and they’d definitely agree.

The song is a tough one to do, because it is something you have to do with pitch perfect sound. There are some high notes that only someone with musical training can hit, or you must have a good enough voice. Leah Michelle is taking on the song in one of the last episodes of Glee. Many are already anticipating the episode, and the commercial for it has been shown on Fox several times.

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