Laidlaw & Company: A Traditional Bank in the Globaoo Marketplace

Laidlaw & Company isn’t the sort of bank most consumers are used to. Those banks focus on online accounts, Saturday banking and all the trappings of today’s retail establishments. Laidlaw is an investment bank, and it is one of the older and most prestigious of such institutions. It has been around for 170 years.
An investment bank like Laidlaw & Company serves institutional investors and private individuals who have the wealth to benefit from the strengths of an investment bank. The firm’s goal as revealed by, isn’t to process the vast number of transactions that consumers generate. They help high-end investors access capital markets and profitably invest large sums of money. At Laidlaw & Company, senior bankers place (invest) capital in equity securities such as stocks for private individuals and institutional clients.Capital is also invested in debt securities on behalf of institutional clients. As an investment bank, Laidlaw & Company offers a full range of services. For example, their senior brokerage staff may help a company create a listing on a stock exchange or manage an initial public offering of stock.

When Laidlaw & Company began over a century ago, even large financial institutions on Wall Street often had only a single location in one major city. The twenty-first century investment bank is a different sort of animal. As the world economy has become global, so have investment banks like Laidlaw & Company. Although based in the United States, the firm is now a network of offices spread throughout the United States and Europe.

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