Lacrosse Camps Will Help Young People To Grow

Lacrosse camps are a great idea for every young person who loves sports. There are some great lacrosse camps out there, and those who attend them will be able to learn a lot about the sport and about themselves. Sports help kids to grow, and when a young person is at camp they will get the kind of mentoring that they need to mature in the sport that they love.

One great lacrosse camp is the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. This camp is located in Colorado, and it was founded by Jon Urbana, a former lacrosse player. The man wanted young people to be able to learn about the sport, and he thought that starting up a camp for them to attend would be a great idea to help that to happen. He is excited about all that he has done, and many young people who have attended the camp have come away feeling just as excited about the sport and what they have learned about it, according to Urbana’s LinkedIn profile.

Jon Urbana is a very knowledgeable man when it comes to the sport and everything to do with it, and he has been a great example to the youth that have come to his camp. They can see his career and how hard he worked to become a professional athlete and award-winning pilot, and then they can realize that they can do the same if that is something that they would like to do.

Attending a lacrosse camp will help a young person to decide just how serious they actually are about the sport. It will help them to grow in it and to know more about it than they’ve ever known before. The mentoring that they will receive while at the camp will be great, as well, and they are sure to have a good time when they go to a lacrosse camp.

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