Koch Brothers Uncertain About Facing Off Against Trump

Billionaires Charles and David Koch have tried for decades to change the political system in the United States into a system that more closely represents their Libertarian views. They believe that the two-party system fails to support the freedoms guaranteed by the country’s founders. Although they have succeeded in making many changes, Donald Trump’s foray into the presidential race appears to be causing them some concern.

As Daniel Schulman for “Vanity Fair” explained in his February 4, 2016, article “Can the Koch Brothers Stop Trump?,” Donald Trump’s influence in the recent presidential race is drawing a lot of financial support and media attention away from other Republican candidates. The Koch Brothers are now faced with trying to decide how best to deal with this problem. Schulman used a recent interview between 80-year-old Charles Koch and Stephen Foley of “The Financial Times” outlined in the January 8 article “Lunch with the FT: Charles Koch” as research for his piece.

In that article, Foley revealed how Charles Koch believes that Donald Trump is a threat to free society. Koch mentioned that the Muslim registry proposed by Trump would take freedoms away from everyone. He also stated that Trump needs to remember that a leader must “defend the liberty of people you like the least.” As Foley pointed out, some might be surprised by the Koch Brothers not supporting Trump, but they have actually done a great deal over the years to help Americans retain their freedoms. Additionally, Charles has proven to have the intelligence to understand the larger issues: He has two Master of Science degrees from MIT and continues to work as CEO of Koch Industries with a net worth of approximately $43.3 billion.

Schulman noted that Trump’s statement represents one of many areas where Trump and the Koch Brothers do not agree in politics. He also noted that Charles and David have the influence to gain support from their many allies to stop Trump’s campaign in its tracks, but that they would risk a public relations war by doing so. Trump had already criticized other Republican candidates last August for seeking out financial donations from the Koch Brothers. Currently, the brothers and their allies are doing what they can to prevent Hillary Clinton from winning the Democratic nomination, but the question of how best to handle Trump remains. Charles did not provide Foley with a clear indication of their plans.

This article recapped http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/02/koch-brothers-take-on-trump

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