Kevin Seawright, the Genius Financial Officer

Kevin Seawright is an experienced management expert who has been involved in overseeing the operations of private organizations and also the government. At the moment, Kevin is the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Kevin has used his financial skills to help the communities living on the East Coast for over 13 years.

At Newark, Kevin is known as an administrative and financial leader with a strategic vision focused on commanding new opportunities and achieving business goals. While working for the community, Kevin presents a unique blend of team inclusion, business acumen, outcome efficiency, and private financial sector and governmental operations.
During his career in the business world, Kevin has come up with business strategies that have helped in building responsive finance and accounting divisions that deliver quality results consistently. The strategies formulated by Kevin align technological initiatives with the current goals of the economy and the organization.

Kevin has also played a role in transforming the revenue planning process. Through his efforts, the process now works effectively and efficiently across the board for both sub-contractors and general contractors found in the mid-Atlantic region.

Some of the career accomplishments of Kevin include enhancements in revenue that have aided in forecasting the yearly annual returns by 25 percent, taking into account the goods and services rendered. Also, he has improved the Human Capital Division solidifying the retention of employees, improving recruitment efforts, negotiations, collective bargaining, change management, and compensation adjustments. Kevin’s actions have helped in improving service delivery to customers, standardization, and enhancing the performance of the company.

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