Kendall And Kylie Jenner Have Many Business Ventures

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have gone from two teenagers, to two superstar teenagers. The two were virtually unknown when they were on the show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” but now their names are called every day in the news, on TV, or in entertainment magazines. Kendell & Kylie Jenner. These two girls are constantly in the limelight, but they don’t seem to mind. Both of them are models, and now they have joined together with a company to make clothing, which is among their many different jobs right now.

They are both endorsing makeup, clothing, anti wrinkle cream and so much more. Some at Qnet almost feel like they are spreading themselves too thinly. These two have more money than typical teenagers their age, and they are almost as famous as they’re older Kardashian sisters. When these two were interviewed, they were asked who in their family do they envy, and whose closet would they raid. They responded that North’s closet is one they would love to raid, and they wish that they had the same type of clothing when they were growing up. North is Kim Kardashians daughter, and everyone knows that Kim dresses her like a beautiful little model.

Although many have criticized these young girls were growing up too fast, you have to admit that they obviously have some good business sense. Another criticism would be to say that these girls were born into privilege, and this is absolutely true. If it wasn’t for the privilege that the Kardashians have, and the Kardashian name, then the Jenner sisters wouldn’t have a foundation to stand on. Either way, the girls are making the best out of life, and they are making a lot of money from their businesses.

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