Keith Mann On Partnering With Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann is one of the successful business men that people should look to as an example. He has run some very successful businesses. However, one of the reasons that Keith Mann is someone to be admired has very little to do with the businesses he owns. It has a lot more to do with what he gives and what he does for his communities. For one thing, he has worked very hard with the children of low income families. His methods had a lot to do with the funding of education so that children could have a shot at getting higher education in college.

Keith Mann understands that high school diplomas can get people jobs. However, he understands that it is important for people to get a college education before they can successfully pursue a career. At the same time, he understands that there is a huge challenge when it comes to getting a college education. A lot of students are going to have a hard time going to college because of a lack of funding. While students can get loans, Keith wants an alternative that does not leave students having to pay off their loan for years after graduating, especially since there is no guarantee of a job with a degree.

Among the stuff that Keith Mann has set up is a scholarship for students that show a lot of good business sense. Keith Mann’s scholarship is granted to students that win the contest that involves a 1000 word essay. People have to submit their essay and it will be reviewed. The scholarship is granted to one student every year. This is among the things that Keith Mann has been able to do as a result of partnering with Uncommon Schools. Keith Mann will continue to put together opportunities for students that show a lot of promise.

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