Keith Mann Helping the Local School System

Keith Mann has been giving back to his local community for several years now. As the head of Dynamics Search Partners, he understands the importance of not only receiving a top education, but identifying talent at an early age as well. That is why he and Dynamics Search Partners has recently announced they would provide a scholarship that recognizes innovative business leaders within the Uncommon School’s Brooklyn based high schools. This way, some children who might not be able to afford college or a secondary education is able to receive help paying for it. It is just one other way Keith Mann wants to give back to the community.

The scholarship is open to anyone within the high schools. It in order to see who might qualify, Keith Mann asks students to write out a 1,000 words essay on how receiving a college degree can help with achieving their eventual, professional goals. The desire of this is to help the children dream big. That is often one of the problems with children, especially those who do not have parents who have gone to college or who have left the area before. The children don’t have an example of going to school or having higher goals. So, this is the very beginning for this.

Uncommon Schools works with talented children from around Brooklyn. The school doesn’t have a requirement for income levels, as it is more about finding the right students who excel in this kind of an environment. It is why the school does everything in its power to help children from all income levels. It is also why Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners wants to help children who are considered low-income, as these children are the ones who often remain close to home and don’t go to college due to monetary issues within the house.

Keith Mann has gone on record to state he wants to continually offer new services and new assistance to the Uncommon Schools. As the schools help find those who excel in the classroom, Keith not only wants to help these students succeed, but often help keep them in the community with potential jobs and connecting the students after college graduation.

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