Josh Verne Gives Insights On Successful Business Operations

Josh Verne is a successful entrepreneur. He has deep experience in establishing, developing and selling businesses. Through a podcast, Josh Verne used his experience in running successful businesses to give tips on how to be successful in life and business. For any entrepreneur, business management is the backbone of successful operations. As a leader, you should not use your position to boss workers around and force your will on them. Instead, you should lead by example. In addition, it is prudent to embrace servant leadership. This way, you will earn respect. For every project that you deal with, strive to achieve a win, no matter how complex the situation is. Once you set your mind to achieving your set goals, you will always find solutions to every problem that arises.
Verne contends that being less vocal is another simple but profound tactic to successful business. When you speak less, your words will have power each time that you give instructions to your workers. This situation will give you more authority over your employees. Balancing all areas of life is also a significant strategy to ensure that your business is not affected by factors such as health, relationships and wealth. For balanced growth, ensure that you invest equally in all sectors of your life. Lastly, chances of succeeding in a business are always high, especially when you engage in something that you are passionate about. This makes your work exciting besides motivating you to sacrifice, wake up early or skip other engagements to take care of your business.
About Josh Verne
Josh Verne is the CEO of FlockU, an internet startup for college students. He co-founded the firm with his friend, Jon Dorfman. Verne is the CEO of, a company that he co-founded with Jon Dorfman in 2012. Later, they sold it to Global Analytics Holdings. Driven by the need for financial-wellness services for the upcoming generation, Josh visited campuses across the country to engage students about their interests. He ended up with a website driven by content instead of the intended shopping website. Approximately 75% of flockers are college students. They are paid $50 for every 300-word published post.
After graduating from high school, Mr. Verne joined his family’s furniture distribution company. He took up his warehouse roles in the largest division for top 100 retail stores with the desired seriousness. Later, he moved up the ranks to become the president of the firm in 2003. Under his leadership, Workpays was ranked among the top furniture distribution space. The experienced entrepreneur has owned and run a multinational company with sales of over $200mm.


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