John Textor Brings Legends Back To The Stage

It is often the case that when watching an old movie or listening to the music of a legend of the entertainment industry the avid fan wishes they could have seen a performer in their pomp. For a number of years there have been rumors and stories of the development of hologram based technology that would allow deceased stars of a bygone era to return to the stage to entertain a whole new set of fans. Under the stewardship of John Textor, Pulse Evolution has turned these rumors and stories into a reality with the surprise appearance of digitally produced versions of Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur at different high profile music events.

John Textor is leading the development of these computer generated icons with his team at Pulse Evolution determined to produce the perfect option for crowds to be entertained by their favorite icons in the future. Textor is working with a number of estates of deceased mega stars who are hoping to bring their own stars back to life, but Textor offers a cautionary moment for all those looking for stars of the future. The President of Pulse Evolution made sure the initial recreations of Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson moved in the correct way and had the perfect facial expressions with the help of those who had worked and performed alongside them. John Textor believes this type of dedication is of major importance if the people of the world are to accept these legends as an extension of their former selves.

Before allowing the recreation of a Michael Jackson performance to take place at the Billboard Music Awards John Textor and his Pulse Evolution team worked together for months to make sure movements, facial expressions and the movement of the mouth were perfect. The former head of Digital Domain believes the best use of the technology is to produce a legends themed show that would see different artists come to the stage to produce their most iconic moments for an audience. Believing a single icon sitting alone at a stool singing their songs would prove boring to an audience, John Textor is encouraging those in charge of estates to combine forces and create a legends show that would fit perfectly into an entertainment capital like Las Vegas.

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