Jed McCaleb’s Bold Prediction

Jed McCaleb has become a very prominent figure in the Blockchain industry. He is responsible for founding Ripple, Mt. Gox, and Stellar CTO. He strongly believes that Stellar Lumens technology will lead to new global payment systems. So much so that in a recent interview with CNBC he boldly predicted that in the near future the entire world will be using the same payment system regardless of location. He believes the new payment system will be Blockchain powered and Stellar will be at the forefront of the revolution. Stellar uses digital tokens.

According to McCaleb, while he has been challenged by other professionals he stands by his prediction. It is clear to him that the world is moving toward a universal payments network. Two of the companies he’s founded, Ripple and Stellar, have received support from legitimate financial institutions. In fact, a well known bank in South Korea will be implementing Ripple on a commercial basis later in the year.

If everything happens as Jed thinks it will occur Stellar’s Blockchain technology may be the driving force behind a “Universal Payments Network” a decade from now. The change is expected to happen before the year 2030.

Jed McCaleb has a storied history with cryptocurrency. He was one of the earliest believers in Bitcoin. His belief in the cryptocurrency actually led to him founding the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange. With such a remarkable track record when Jed speaks people tend to listen. His prediction also include a major change to stock markets, payments, and fundraising.

Jed Mccaleb founded Stellar along with business partner Joyce Kim after he realized the many flaws with the world’s financial infrastructure. One of the main problems he recognized was a lack of resources for many people. Stellar’s mission is to fix the broken parts of the world’s financial infrastructure. Connect with Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

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