Jason Hope Supports the SENS Foundation on Anti-Aging Research

SENS Research Foundation is prominent for hosting an Annual Biotechnology Conference. According to the organization’s founder Mr. Aubrey de Grey, attendees are reminded to ensure that they channel their contribution to the organization as the proceeds will be used to develop drugs that can be used to combat age-related diseases and other adverse effects of aging. All too often, experts attend this conference to learn as well as share knowledge not only as speakers but people who will later disseminate critical knowledge to the next generation of experts. The ideas from the experts are always directed to treatments targeting cancer, cellular damage and Alzheimer’s disease. Aside from working with experts, SENS Research Foundation works with entrepreneurs, researchers, and healthcare practitioners. Jason Hope is one of the entrepreneurs. Mr. Hope has carved out his name in the industry of technology and business.

Always an enthusiastic believer of the future of this world pegged on how advanced technology will be in the coming years, Mr. Hope parted with about $500,000 to support SENS Research Foundation on its mission to battle the side effects of aging. For SENS Foundation, that donation opened a new chapter in the books. The organization purchased materials for the construction of a new laboratory. Cambridge SENS Laboratory has been actively involved in carrying out crucial tests on the viability of people living a healthy life even with their ages setting in. Regarding his donation, Mr. Hope said in an interview that he was pleased to be part of a revolutionary project in the community.

Because the foundation is well equipped with professionals who work hard to make sure that the right cure for degenerative diseases is found, SENS Foundation was worth every penny donated not only by him but also other donors and researchers.As we look at Hope’s contributions to SENS Research Foundation, it is critical to look at how instrumental he has been in other fields as well. Mr. Hope is a renowned entrepreneur, author, futurist, and technologist. He also doubles as a philanthropist and a successful investor. Residing in Arizona, Hope is enthusiastic about giving back to the community.The Internet of Things is Hope’s best invention where he believes that the world will be a better place with more advanced technology. Also well educated, Mr. Hope studied business administration from the Arizona State University. Besides giving back to the community, he loves politics and has always championed the invention of business-related policies for a better future.

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