Jason Halper: Forging New Horizons In Real Estate Development

According to the latest news coming out of Jason Halpern’s JMH Development firm (JMH), opportunities for investing and developing couldn’t be better. As a leading, full-service real estate development entity, the company is once again poised to do big business as developers and owners of major residential and commercial properties in several important U.S. cities.

Unique and innovative, this firm has already pioneered the acquisition and later development of highly contested luxury markets in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach. Juggling multiple real estate projects in New York, and now in Miami Beach, this “boutique development firm,” as Halpern calls JMH, is having no trouble in racking up funding for his potpourri of projects.


Having completed more than $500 million in completed projects since 2007, JMH adds the 200-plus room Aloft South in South Beach, the former Wild Turkey bourbon warehouse luxury condo conversion project in Williamsburg, the Brooklyn Heights Cinema conversion also planned as luxury condos, newer Miami Beach hotel projects and an anticipated undeveloped site in Long Island City.

About Jason Halpern


Beginning his fast-past, fast-track career in the footsteps of his father, Joel Halpern, and the originally founded Halpern Enterprises, the energetic 45-year old entrepreneur launched JMH in the late 1990s. Eventually, it later morphed into JMH Development in 2010.

Driven by a frenzied urge to acquire and develop innovative real estate properties, Mr. Halpern is the third generation of Halperns involved with real estate investments. With over 50 years of both construction and management experience in real estate, Jason comes to the proverbial table with vision, creativity and endless energy.


Having grown up in the industry by visiting start-up construction sites in Westchester County, the young, dynamic Jason furthered his education by always being present at meetings put on by construction traders, architects and marketing teams. Through his high school years, his summer jobs ranged from blue-collar laborers to being a part-time property manager.

Jason Halpern: Behind The Scene

Especially drawn to properties that are architecturally challenging and unique, he dedicates his off-time to his young, 11-year old son from a previous marriage and to various charitable organizations.


Such charities include the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center where the facility hosts open-heart surgeries, complex emergency surgeries, orthopedic surgery and the attachment of amputated limbs. There is also a burn center available for those in need.

Jason’s efforts in both finances and in building are also well-known at the Habitat For Humanity center with his yearly service trips to build houses for the disadvantaged. Presently, with an expectation of new beginnings, Jason is engaged to be married anew and looks forward to even more exciting and challenging projects on the horizon of real estate development.

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