James Nowacki’s Efforts to Legalize Medical Marijuana in Indiana

James Nowacki is a government critic from Gary. He made a 160-mile walk from his house to the Indiana Statehouse in six days. Nowacki said that he wanted to lobby Indiana’s General Assembly to legalize medical marijuana. Senator Karen Tallian sponsored the bill. Nowacki hopes to speak out on behalf of the proposal.


Tallian confirmed that Nowacki had arrived on Friday. She said that Nowacki began his journey on Sunday morning. She continued by saying the efforts of Tallian should not be taken for granted. Tallian stated that Nowacki’s actions drew attention and the need for expansion of prescription drugs. Tallian has been a senator since 2004. She congratulated and thanked Nowacki for his commitment and determination to change the state’s public policy.


On Friday, the Post-Tribune was unable to reach Nowacki through his personal number. However, he posted updates on a blog that is supported by his close friend. Nowacki posted about his journey to the General Assembly. He explained how he walked 300,000 steps and endured snow, sleet, rain, and cold temperatures on the way. Nowacki said that he received numerous messages of encouragement on his Facebook page.


Nowacki was born in 1955 in Chicago. He has lived most of his life in Gary. Nowacki does not use marijuana. He said that he supports the use of prescribed medical marijuana. The drug has been legalized in the neighboring state of Illinois for medical purposes. Nowacki continued by saying that he has seen medical marijuana being used to treat individuals with different forms of cancer. He stated that he was not pleased by the way some patients used illegal means to access the drug. He hoped that his efforts would create a way for the legalization of medical marijuana to benefit patients in the state.



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