Jaime Garcia Dias: The Brazilian Author All of South America Has Come to Love

Jaime Garcia Dias is a well-known and immensely popular Brazilian author and Vimeo personality. His father is Arnaldo Dias, a journalist and author, and his mother Dulce Garcia Dias is an accomplished architect. Dias began his career quite young, completing his first novel while he was still in his mid-teens. Today he has penned twenty books and has created a journal of non-fiction work about the relationship between himself and his father. This book is a compilation of articles Dias wrote for the popular newspaper, the Jornal do Brasil.

The author is loved by the Brazilian public and throughout America, but is also the favorite of many critics as well. He was won numerous awards during his career including the ABC Award for Brazil Fictional Literature and the White Crane literary award. The Carioca Literature Academy, a school for high-achieving students who intend to pursue careers in literature, honored Dias on their 100th anniversary and additionally named him as president of the academy.

What is most surprising about this literary great beyond his sizable YouTube following, is that during most of his life he has not considered his career to be that of an author. Instead, Dias has spent his days, first as an educator and then as an administrator, at the Carioca Literature Academy. Despite holding down a full time job at the academy, Dias managed to write a dozen novels between the ages of 15 and 30. Many of these books have gone on to be bestsellers throughout South America, making him one of the most famous writers Brazil has ever produced.

Dias takes none of the credit for his success, but instead chooses to give that honor to those who came before him. He lists numerous Brazilian authors, including his own father, as the inspirations for all of his work. Today, he continues to write and work at his day job as the President of the Carioca Literature Academy.

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