It Is Now Legal to Sell Alcohol in Indiana on Sunday

One of the state of Indiana’s oldest and most outdated laws will soon be history. It has been illegal to sell alcohol on Sundays in Indiana since the Prohibition days almost 90 years ago. However, the Indiana senate has voted to do away with that law. Governor Holcomb will soon sign a bill into law that will allow stores to sell alcohol from 12pm to 8pm on Sundays. This is a big step forward for a state that has many laws that citizens feel should no longer be on the books. Stores that sell alcohol were very happy that their long battle to do away with that law is finally over.

However, Indiana still has several laws related to the sale of alcohol that many people are also against. One of which involves the sale of cold beer. Convenience stores can only sell beer that is room temperature. They want to have the ability to sell cold beer to their customers. However, there is no current legislation under review for the legalization of cold beer sales in the state of Indiana. Governor Holcomb would not say one way or another if he was in favor of such legislation.

One of the reasons the Sunday ban on alcohol sales was able to be done away with is because the liquor store lobbyists donated a lot of money to the campaign funds of many top Indiana politicians. Therefore, the issue of getting the Sunday ban lifted became very important to the politicians who received donations.

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