Is George Leaving Indiana?

According to whispers from various reputable NBA circles, Indiana’s favorite basketball superstar may be in jeopardy of leaving the city of Indianapolis. Due to a series of factors including, the departure of Larry Bird as the Pacers’ President, the fact that the Pacers are probably in a rebuild mode, and their only way to acquire much-needed assets would be to deal away some of their star power, Paul George may be on his way out the door. There very well may be a series of costly exists as, starting PG Jeff Teague will become an unrestricted free agent this year, and Paul George, if not dealt, will follow next year, possibly leaving the Pacers without their star player or any additional assets. Your text to link…

One of the major aspects affecting Paul George and the future of the Indiana Pacers is the fact that George missed out on being selected to the All-NBA team. This effectively limits his ability to receive a max contract should he remain with the team he’s lead in recent years. Next year Paul George would still have the option to drastically increase his salary should he make the All-NBA team, but despite his physical prowess on the court, this is far from a foregone conclusion, and with free agency continuing to be the elephant in the room, makes the chance of George remaining with the team much slimmer.


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