Investor Paul Mampilly Invests in Financial Education For All

Stock market investor and former hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly, has worked successfully in all levels of investment management, from Wall Street giants to the every day investor. Interestingly, Paul Mampilly started out handling large investment accounts, dominating Wall Street and making trades that would land him in the news of the day for successful trades and stock decisions. But after some time, Mampilly decided to make the switch to an under served section of the market, helping those that were interested in personal investing break into the stock market. Continue reading

Doing this the way he did, Paul Mampilly might have taken a reverse path in the financial industry, but he doesn’t feel that way. The world of investing and managing huge accounts is a stressful, fast paced environment that leads to early retirement, burnout, or worse. Recognizing the negative effects of his work, Paul Mampilly made the intentional and informed decision to switch his focus from large company and hedge fund based trading and instead work to teach the every day person how they can get started in investing.

One of the main reasons Paul Mampilly made the switch aside from his personal health and lifestyle needs, was because he recognized that the world of investing worked for a very small portion of the population. Mampilly stresses that investing is open to everyone, but that the learning curve and entry point is intimidating to the every day person. The lack of investment consultants that make themselves available to individuals that want to invest, but are not already wealthy is also a significant factor in this area. By placing himself in a position to help and inform individuals that he works with, he opens the doors and possibilities to Wall Street to more individuals than he did in the time that he worked for large firms. Visit



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