Investigations Launched Into Indiana Serial Killer

The authorities in two states in the US are digging up some old files to check for possible links to a killer from Indiana, who is believed to have killed seven women.

A forty-three-year-old man named Darren Vann has admitted to murdering a women via strangulation on Friday, in a motel.

After his confession, he proceeded to show the police where he had stashed six other victims. He also dropped hints that he had been murdering people for up to twenty years.

It is currently the purpose of the investigation to find out if any other people were murdered by this man. Although a search spanning several counties and spread out over a number of weeks has been carried out, it has so far remained unsuccessful.

The Mayor of Gary, an Indiana town, said that Vann “preyed on individuals that might be less likely to be reported missing…it makes it more difficult.”

Mr. Vann used to be a Marine, but has recently been charged with killing a 19-year-old girl called Afrikka Hardy, whose body was discovered in a Chicago motel.

The police has revealed that Hardy may have been involved in the sex trade, and arranged to meet Mr. Vann at the motel for sex.

Although acting on psychopathic tendencies, his wife Maria Vann, who he has been with for sixteen years, thought she married a man who was “nice to everyone.”

They later separated after she claimed that he severely changed after he was charged with sexual assault a few years back.

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