Infinity Group Puts Clients First

A former semi-professional footballer, an injury led Graeme Holm into the financial sector. As successful off the field as he was on, Holm quickly rose through the ranks of a major 4 bank in Australia, spending a decade in various management positions but always staying focused on the home loan aspect of finance. His experiences in banking led to start his own company, Infinity Group.

Focused on mortgages from the borrowers perspective, Infinity Group was founded to address a lack in the financial industry that Holm say: That once they had been approved for their mortgage loan borrowers were largely ignored by the banks. He saw families coming less than 10 years into their 30 year mortgages and taking out a loan on their homes. This led to the borrowers paying far more than they needed to. The banks themselves offered no financial incentive to employees to keep working with borrowers to help them reduce their payments and avoid multiple loans and mortgages on a single property.

Infinity Group works with borrowers to keep them educated about their mortgage deals and laws in an effort to save them money. Holm’s company also offers budgeting assistance to help homeowners pay the bills while also giving them something in their pocket at the end of the month.

Holm instilled a philosophy of “client first, profit second” for Infinity Group that has helped the business grow. Many of their clients come from referrals from other clients. Since the services they offer often cover the span of years Infinity Group gets the opportunity to get to know their clients and gain their trust. Infinity Group also has a social media presence that has been helping them grow their business as well.

Infinity Group’s profits come from fees to their clients. They offer two options for payment: Either an up-front fee based on the value of the properties being dealt with or a deferred payment fee that they will help the client budget into their finances.

Holm has said that “Client first” has caused some losses over the years but that overall the business is doing well and continues to grow. Holm also says that he has made many sacrifices for the business, such as missing the wedding of a friend overseas. He sometimes doubts himself when he hears negative press but he looks at the success rates he’s had with clients and it helps. Learn more:


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