Indiana’s Best Doughnut Shop

Everyone loves a delicious doughnut, but exactly where to find the tastiest of these tasty treats in Indiana brings out a variety of opinions. Well, you can stop arguing about it thanks to the users of Travelocity. Finally, we can all relax and enjoy a yummy doughnut from the best doughnut shop in the whole darn state.

For decades now, the folks at Long’s Bakery have been giving local residents and travelers delicious doughnuts. While there are multiple locations within the state, the Indianapolis location is the most well-known and established of the two sites.

While other top contenders for this coveted title include doughnuts with creative fillings, decorative outsides, and other yeasty concoctions, Long’s Bakery prides itself on keeping things simple with glazed, chocolate, and jelly-filled delights. What Long’s Bakery seems to lack in the creativity department is more than made up for once you take your first bite of this Indiana staple. What these doughnut masters do, they do very, very well.

The popular travel website didn’t just stop with the best doughnut shop in Indiana. They actually choose the best doughnut shops in every state across the country. Next time you find yourself craving a glazed piece of heaven, be sure you are grabbing only the best to fill that sweet vid inside you.

Do you agree with Travelocity, or do you have a favorite bakery or doughnut shop you just won’t let go of?

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