Indiana Will Not Be Switching to Central Time

While most of the state of Indiana is located within the Eastern Time Zone, there are currently twelve counties in the western half that use the Central Time Zone an hour behind. As one would imagine, this can make traveling around the state a bit of a hassle, causing some people to call for a standardization. Unfortunately, that likely won’t happen anytime soon.

A resolution introduced to the state government by Senator Greg Walker of Columbia was recently killed before it had the chance to get to a vote. Though it managed to pass the Senate Homeland Security and Transportation committee in a 5 to 1 vote, Senator Walker said there simply wasn’t enough support in the Senate itself to make a vote worth taking, though he will look into pursuing the issue again in the future.

The resolution, if passed, would not have actually caused a time change to begin with, only requiring state officials to begin research into the effects of a time zone standardization to Central Time and whether or not it could work. In fact, there would be no commitment to changing the time zone at all beyond the research itself, but it still could not find the support for a vote.

Prior to 1965, the entirety of Indiana actually was located within the Central Time Zone, but the Interstate Commerce Commission divided it into Central and Eastern for various reasons. Though it has been debated off and on since then, the closest thing to a resolution the issue has found so far is a 2005 decision for the state to begin observing Daylight Savings.

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