Indiana State Senior Corp’s Program Celebrates the Aged Volunteers

In the state of Indiana, there is usually a reason for celebration. From car shows to music festivals, carnivals, and historical re-enactments, the state of Indiana is a fun place to be. It has a total of approximately 240, 000 volunteers. In a bid to honor the old volunteers, the National Corporation for Community Service will hold an event to appreciate the efforts of these people. The organization operates programs like AmeriCorps as well as Senior Corps. These programs have in the past years assisted millions of people. This month, the state is set to honor members of the Corps Senior program. According to Samantha Warfield, the press secretary in charge of the program, the program assists children to learn how to read, act as exemplary grandparents for foster children as well as be companions for their fellow seniors.



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Samantha also stated that most Americans have benefited from the two programs. Because of the advantages of these programs, she suggested that the untapped resources of the non -profit organizations have been helpful to the state. The program is looking forward to recruiting more volunteers in the future. This is in a bid to extend its services to the people of Indiana. Although the cabinet of President Trump is set to cut down the budget of the program with the aim of boosting military spending, Samantha is confident about the possibilities of the stated initiative to expand even more with time. With more than 5,000 volunteers from Senior Corps, the celebration would have a positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate in the states.

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