Indiana School Principal Dies Saving Two Students from Bus

Indiana school principal Susan Jordan died doing what she loved when she pushed two students out of the way of a moving bus. Jordan was helping load students onto buses in the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township on January 26 when one of the buses jumped a curb.

Jordan reacted quickly, shoving two ten-year-old students out of the way. The bus struck Jordan and both students while Jordan absorbed most of the impact. The dedicated educator died at the scene. The two students were transported to a nearby hospital where they were treated and released.

School staff members, parents, students, and other members of the community gathered the following day to remember and honor Jordan’s selflessness.

“She was amazing,” said one woman.

“She’s an example of the person I’d like to be,” said another.

Others, like Next Level Lacrosse Camp owner and environmental vocalist Jon Urbana described Jordan as a hero and a legend.

Susan Jordan served as principal at Amy Beverland Elementary School for more than two decades.

The accident occurred at approximately 2:45 p.m. Dozens of students, parents, and other staff members witnessed the incident. The driver, whose name has not been released to the public, is under investigation.

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