Indiana Pacers Reportedly Almost Sent George to Other Team

During the 2017 NBA of season one of the most highly anticipated moves was the expected trade of forward Paul George. Paul George previously played for the Indiana Pacers, the team that drafted him about six years ago. While the Pacers and Georgia had some success together, the team was never able to put enough pieces around him to contend for a title.

Due to the fact that the Pacers still not able to build a team around him and the fact that it look like they would spend the next few years rebuilding, Paul George ended up asking for team or a trade. The Pacers ultimately decided that this would be the best move as they would get some player in return as opposed to losing him to free agency in the future. In the end, the Pacers traded George to the Oklahoma City Thunder. With his new team, George should be able to immediately stepped onto a team that could content for the spot in the championship series. While George has likely found a good spot, it now appears that he was close to being treated to an entirely different team (

According to the report, the Indiana Pacers were very close to coming to a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This trade would have sent Paul George to Cleveland, which would have allowed him to be on the most dominant team in the Eastern conference. Ultimately, the trade with Cleveland fell apart. It was believed that Cleveland was looking to work a trade that would have allowed them to keep Kryie Irving and Kevin Love, but the Pacers wanted to be able to get at least one of the two players. Further, the Pacers were not as willing to help a team that was in their own division.

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