Indiana News: Mistreating Vice President-Elect Pence

Mike Pence, the Vice President-Elect, served as Governor of Indiana prior to his selection as Republican Donald J. Trump’s running mate. A devout Catholic and a supporter of pro-life issues, as a governor Mike Pence often found himself at odds politically in Indiana with Planned Parenthood. Now some supporters of abortion have endeavored to make donations to that organization in Mike Pence’s name and send the donation certificates to his office. The act of protest apparently stems from concern that the Trump Administration will oppose further federal funding to Planned Parenthood.


Since the Vice President personally deeply disapproves of abortion, the donations made in his name to Planned Parenthood prove comparable to a protester buying a Big Mac as a gift and attributing the decision to a vegan or a gun supporter donating hand guns and crediting a conscientious objector. Nevertheless proponents of the campaign (which carries no connection to Halloween) have gone so far as to describe it as “poetic justice” and characterize the donation as a way to “cackle” with “feminist joy”. One especially vitriolic blog from Portland urges women generally to contribute money to Planned Parenthood in the Vice-President Elect’s name and also “vote in the f—–g mid-terms” and “get an IUD” in order to “remain baby-free” for the next decade.


If the donations in his name have hurt Vice President-Elect Pence’s feelings, he has not chosen to publicly respond. As far as the campaign’s effect on the image of Planned Parenthood and its supporters?


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