Indiana Impacted by Heavy Rains

While the State of Indian is normally associated with having dry land and plenty of cornfield, it sits in the middle of a path that can be prone to major storms. Over the past week, the State of Indiana has been impacted by a variety of storms that have had lasting damage in certain areas of the state (


Over the past few weeks, a few different areas of Indian have been affected severely by the storm systems that have come across the state, and the rest of the Midwest. Officials in Washington County, Indiana, have reported that they have had to declare a state of emergency due to the high flood waters. The city, which is normally best known for its agriculture, has had a lot of rain over the past few weeks. This past Sunday, the city took in over 3 inches of rain in less than one hour.


Following a few days of continued rains, the cities in Washington County were already on alert due to high river levels. However, during the past few days, the city has had a few different periods of extreme downpours. Due to the high amount of rain, the city ordered a voluntary evacuation. While many people did leave the city, many in the city decided to stay back. Many of those have been helpful in helping to build barriers to protect a variety of different civic centers, but a lot of the downtown areas have continued to see a lot of flood damage.


Washington Country, MO is located just 50 miles away from Louisville, KY, and is also within a short drive of Indianapolis. The city is normally a popular stop for people traveling between the two cities, but the current rain systems could have lasting damage to the economies in both cities. It has been estimated that the total rain damage in the city could exceed several million dollars. Many of the local businesses are expected to be out of business for the next few weeks.


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