Indiana Faces Uncertain Future As Possible Climate Change Looms

Mother Earth is a fickle sort of maternal figure, one that would just as soon yell at the Principal on a child’s behalf as she’d hurl a slipper at said child. Recent predictions from weather services in Indiana bode well for the states expansive forest areas but cast a shadow of uncertainty over the seasons.

Purdue University has been engaged in a prolonged study known as the Indiana Climate Change Impact Assessment. Recently, the prestigious university has released a dossier that bears warnings of droughts during the summer and flooding during the spring. Discovery of this possible see-saw of climate arrived through painstaking effort by staff at Purdue and a coalition of several other Indiana schools. Even the U.S. Forest Service has gotten in this study, making the news of this ambiguous fate a truly collaborative effort.

Jeffrey Dukes is a director at yet another prestigious component of the study, the Climate Change Research Center. In a statement given to Indiana Business Journal, Dukes gave some straightforward advice to the population at large:

“In order to maintain these resources and preserve them for future generations, we have to understand the potential effects of climate change and act on them now.”

The phrase “potential effects” seems benign when taken at face value. However, the assessment highlights repercussions of seemingly positive by-products of climate change, such as the increases in precipitation throughout the seasons leading to erosion and soil deterioration.

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