Indiana Colleges Using New Methods for Admissions

For the past few years, one of the most commonly discussed topics in the education industry is the use of standardized tests. Standardized tests are used at all levels of education and are generally used as a way to score and rank schools and students. While they have been in use for decades, many now believe that standardized tests do not do a good job of showing how smart a child is, but instead shows how well they simply can do on a test. Because of this, many school districts across the country have been getting rid of these tests.

In the State of Indiana, a number of higher education colleges have reported that they also will stop relying on standardized tests ( So far, up to nine different colleges and universities have stated that they will no longer ask that studnets take nad provide an ACT or SAT score. Instead, the schools will focus on other factors of admission including grades, activities, and interviews.

While this is a big step and shows that standardized tests may soon be on their way out, it is likely that the ACT and SAT will still be taken by most students. The State of Indiana is still recommending that students take the exams, even if they are planning on attending a school that does not require them. The reason for this is because the majority of schools across the state and country do still use them as an admissions tool.

There are several reasons why these schools have stopped requiring the tests. One reason is that they believe that it can take a lot of pressure off of the students. Too many students today believe that their entire future is dictated by one test. This way, even if a student does not do well, they know it does not impact all of their college options.

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